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Problems faced by single women in India

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A true story of the legal issues faced by a single woman business owner as some of her jealous cruel powerful people embark on a mission to destroy her life by giving fake references and lucrative assignments to everyone who cheats and betrays her cruelly. A true story of the complete lack of humanity, morals, how people may have a degree from the top colleges in the country, but are complete hypocrites, who ruthlessly exploit and cheat anyone they feel is vulnerable, if they feel she cannot fight back.

The website is also an indication of the lack of protection and respect for domain investors in india, the legal issues that are faced by them, the complete lack of support. For all other investments, like real estate or financial investments, the rights of the investors are well protected, no one disputes the ownership, but domain investors in India are subjected to identity theft attempts to steal the domains from them. Any other investment, shares, real estate can be purchased by paying the market value, why use such illegal methods to terrorise a single woman, wasting unlimited tax payer money?

On the other hand, for domains, there is tremendous pressure and false rumours spread that it is a "family businesss". Other family members have invested their money in real estate, gold and not a single penny in domain names. Yet the domain investor is expected to give her family members a stake in the business, when these family members do not have to give her a single penny in their high value real estate and gold investments. Why should she agree to such an unfair agreement??

The atrocities committed on a single woman for which she seeks legal help include
1. Intentional Denial of important information, despite repeated requests, visits to office,resulting in very expensive mistakes. This information is readily provided to their girlfriends. It is a clear cut case of sexual harassment, when powerful people only provide information to women who are willing to becoming their girlfriends, and deny the information to any other woman who refuses to "compromise" even though she might be a stake holder spending huge amounts of money. Doctors who deny their patients information which results in health problems at a later date, can be sued for medical negligence, but the powerful men in the Indian internet industry will remain unaffected and unpunished for their careless and negligence which has ruined an innocent persons life.
2. Leakage of confidential personal and financial information
3. Looting of hard earned money
4. Identity theft attempts
5. Misuse of her name by people who will never speak to her, because of their position, but shamelessly misuse her name behind her back causing endless health, financial, business problems.
6. Fake references to undeserving friends, claiming that they are involved in the the business, when there is no connection at all, just to steal lucrative assignments and powers from her, leaving her penniless.
7. Defamation campaign based on lies,Character assasination
8. Rewarding everyone who cheats or betrays her or causes mental stress.
9. Putting her under surveillance for nearly eleven years since 2010, a breach of human rights and privacy.

For all these mistakes caused by carelessness, arrogance and greed, she has not received any compensation till date. additionally her savings of twenty years are being held ransom by powerful men to force her to agree to identity theft. And to further add to the exploitation she is being subjected to, she is forced to pay nearly lakhs a year as "hafta" to retain the savings of twenty years, the only support she will have in her old age.
She worked very hard to earn money, when she had a job she would leave for office at 6.45 am and reach home at 8 -9 pm daily, when she had a business, she would work for more than 12 hours daily, yet today she is unable to access the savings because of the cruelty,greed, jealousy and lack of humanity of powerful men..

These heartless powerful men will falsely claim that their young glamorous girlfriends are involved in the webmasters business, to give them lucrative assignments stolen from the business owner. This girlfriends do nothing but go to beauty parlours, wear fashionable clothes and flirt outrageously with powerful men, to get great powers and lucrative assignments. These powers are then abused to harass the single woman. To check how these great flirts look check the image at

These girlfriends would have never got these assignments based on their own qualifications and experience alone, hence these shameless powerful people misuse the webmasters name, when there is absolutely no connection between the webmaster and the girlfriends. Thus in the internet industry in India, flirting skills are the most important quality for a woman, experience, hard work, knowledge , skills, nothing matters at all. The powerful men then shamelessly claim that the domains belonging to the single woman belong to their girlfriends who do not spend a single penny, making it difficult to even sell these domains. Because these men are powerful everyone believes the lies of these men and their girlfriends.

These are true life problems, based on the reality of Indian society today, especially the "educated" upper middle class in the Indian internet industry, the hypocrisy, lack of humanity, morals, cruelty or a sense of justice

All her desperate pleas for help in India, go unanswered, the greedy powerful men who have looted her money do not even bother to reply to her, while faking concern and misusing her name behind her back. It is only when she posts the story on foreign forums, that people are aware of the grim and unpleasant reality online, which could never be justified in an open public debate, where both sides of the story are heard.

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